print and apply label applicators
Identification of material and goods is a critical process in any production and logistic. A print & apply is the system which is demanded to print any coding and traceability data on a self-adhesive label, and to apply it on a product or on a packaging, before its warehousing ors hipping. P&A is the integration between an industrial printer for labels, connected to a data management system, and advice called “applicator” which will bring labels from printer to the product. Phoenix Italia has developed a complete range of Print&Apply machines, covering any product orientation, productivity demand and easy to integrate with the final user processes.
There are two different families of modular items of Print & Apply systems:


The best seller Phoenix Series 4050 offers a wide range of solutions to cover the most demanding needs in label application. This line of modern modular machines, designed to work with any compatible print engine, is being constantly developed and enriched to meet the increasing demand of integration. The 4050 series is driven by a powerful electronic, with a unique software architecture, which allows the extreme optimisation of any parameter: it was designed from the beginning, to be flexible, scalable, and highly reliable. Electronic is enclosed into the powerful Unwinder/Rewinder unit, which can be considered as the heart and the brain of the system. The U/R unit drives the different modular applicators, it communicates with the print engine and it takes care of any input and output with the conveying line. The 4050 system is completed by one of the most complete range of applicator to reach the productivity goals: for steady or moving products, with pneumatic or electric axis, for product with variable speed or variable dimension, and for any application side.

Linear application

Swing-Arm application

Wipe-On application

Direct Blow application


AP182 in an automatic print and apply system, suitable for A5 labels application on multiple sides of a pallet and compliant to the international logistic identification standards. The applicator is electric, with the axis which are fully programmable. Typically, pallet logistic requires the application on at least two sides, frontal and lateral or lateral and backside. AP182 is built to apply from one to three labels, in the exact position desired, on adjacent sides of a pallet. Cycles can be combined and merged, according to the trigger inputs. Logistic Labels are typically demanded to be applied portrait orientated: with the amazing and unique AP182 RT version, the tamp pad can rotate, so labels can be applied either oriented “portrait” and“landscape”. Safe and ergonomic for the operator, AP182 series comes with a small footprint and it can be easily positioned, sidewise the pallet roller conveyor areas and it is protected from dust by a complete coverage, with an automatic electric door which opens only when the pallet is in application position.
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