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Unwinder/Rewinder 4045 series

The 4045 unwinder/ rewinder group modules are the simplest solution to manage label stock and web rewinding of a compatible print engine.
This compact, affordable and reliable unit - more than 10.000 installed worldwide -features a servo dancer arm, controlled by a microprocessor, which together with a micro-step driven stepper motor grants constant tension of the rewinded paper.
The standard rewinder group, designed to hold a 300mm diameter paper roll, is available in several versions: for 4" and 6" paper width, in right hand and left hand version, in black or natural anodized aluminum, and with or without the external plug dedicated to the print engine power supply.

Unwinder/Rewinder 4050 series

The unwinder/rewinder group of the 4050 series, are a series of compact, powerful, and affordable units which has be considered as the core part of a Print & Apply system: its electronic is designed to drive any applicator group, to provide the power supply to the system, and to manage all the input and output with the fitted print engine and any external device. Besides that, it is used to easily unwind and rewind paper rolls in combination with any compatible print engine, and it will drive any suitable applicator group. The robust mechanic allows the use of label rolls with external diameter up to 300 or 350 mm, and liner width up to 4” or 6”. The high capacity rewinder is driven by a stepper motor, while the efficient braking system on the unwinder contributes to keep the label liner always correctly tensioned. Furthermore, motor driven unwinder units are available, for high-end application.The main board allows to program, fine tune and test any single part (sensors, boards, motors, I/O) and all the parameters of the connected parts manufactured by Phoenix Italia. Integrators and OEM can account on a programming and interface software, for easy configuration and service of any system, through the standard USB communication port or via the optional ethernet port.

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