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Ultrasonic sensor for transparent label

Ultrasonic sensors work sensing the difference of thickness between the liner and the label on the liner.  It is a reliable solution, to be used with transparent labels, because a standard label gap sensor will not be able to detect the difference of lights reflection between the liner and the label.

Encoder kit

The encoder wheel kit allows the label dispensing, at the same speed of the moving product. The result is an elevate positioning accuracy, and the absence of label wrinkles. This sensor is used in combination with the wipe-on applicator models (AL4050 Motorized – AL122 – TE122) and it is directly connected to the labelers dedicated port. Once it is connected to the labeler and mounted on the conveyor, it will continuously detect any conveyor speed variation. As a result, the labeler will adapt its speed immediately. The encoder kit is composed by the sensor, the connecting cable and its fixing bracket.

Low label reel sensor kit

The low reel sensor kit consists of a photo-sensor, continuously checking for the diameter of the label reel mounted on the unwinder unit. The photo-sensor can be set according to the desired level of stock remaining on the reel. It’s intended to provide a warning signal to the operator of the approaching of the label stock end, and it’s often used in combination with an optional 3-colour signal light.

Product sensor kit

Product Sensors are used to detect the approaching of products to the labeling area. Different sensors are available as option, both with direct reading and with photocell.

Variable stroke kit

A variable stroke kit consists of a sensor which reveal the approaching of the tamp pad to the product. By sensing a close distance between the parts, it will block the extension phase of the stroke unit. According to its setting, it will drive the label releasing and the retracting phase. Variable stroke function is available on both pneumatic and electric applicator, including swing-arm ones. Variable stroke parameters are adjustable, and it can drive further programming options.

Laser distance measure kit

Laser Distance Sensor Kit is used when the applicator has to label products of different heights while they are moving on a conveyor.  It measures dynamically the height of approaching products and send the data to the labeling equipment.  The applicator will be automatically moved to the closest possible position.  It enhances accuracy performances and it optimizes the applicator cycle timing.

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